three post-apocalyptic cocktail rings

found, rusted steel conduit,

silver, citrine, garnets, topaz, tourmaline, peridot and amethyst

My first real work with corroded steel as a material. These rings were all basic experiments, the amethyst one being the very first: the subsequent two were made immediately after, pushing the work I was doing and so they became a set. The story of the title came from where I found the conduit: in a derelict garage in Dennistoun, lying next to broken glasses, a discarded champagne bottle and a muddy feather boa, the post-apocalyptic cocktail party to which I had not been invited...

Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Rings 


Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring 

Ring 1 - lemon citrine, peridot, blue topaz, pink tourmaline

Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring 

Ring 2 - amethyst, blue topaz

Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring

Ring 3 - Pale citrine, garnet, green CZ



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